Hang’Em High Feeders

Hang’em High Feeders are simply the easiest feeder you can use. But don't let simple fool you into thinking they are not durable. These feeders are made to last.

Best of all, Longhorn Truck Accessories has been offered special pricing from the manufacturer, This means you can get the best feeder on the market at a price that is hard to beat. See these specs and call us today for a great deal on a great product.
  • Upper tripod assembly is all welded for maximum strength.
  • The legs, which are 2″ sq. tubing, slide in and secure with1/2″ set bolt.
  • Lid is 1/8″ plate and remains at top while only the drum lowers, by cable winch, to the ground to be filled.
  • Feeder assembly is coated with zinc chromate paint for long lasting finish.
  • Top pulley has bronze bushing for long life and winch cable is 3/16″ galvanized.